Weight 10 lbs
Barrel Density

High, Low

Barrel Sheeting

None, (4)-4" Engineer Grade, (4)-6" Engineer Grade, (4)-4" Hi-Intensity Prismatic, (4)-6" Hi-Intensity Prismatic, (4)-4" Diamond Grade, (4)-6" Diamond Grade



TrailBOSS Channelizer Traffic Drum (Barrel Only)

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*Note: Drum and bases sold individually.

TrailBOSS Channelizer Traffic Drum/Barrel

The versatile TrailBOSS Traffic Drum Channelizer finds its utility across a wide spectrum of applications, primarily serving to demarcate work zones effectively. Crafted with a focus on effortless setup and efficient dismantling, these drums emerge as the ideal choice for diverse work zone requirements. Whether it's a construction site, roadwork area, or any other workplace in need of clear delineation, the TrailBOSS Drum stands ready to deliver unmatched performance. Its user-friendly design ensures swift deployment and hassle-free removal, making it a valuable asset for managing various work zones with ease.

Choose from high or low density barrels, sheeting grades and options. Drums/barrels and bases sold independently.


  • NCHRP-350 Certified
  • Meets MUTCD Standard
  • Molded PolyethyleneDownload Spec Sheet
  • UV Inhibitors to resist fading
  • Stackable and easy to set-up
  • Available in Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade Sheeting
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 24.6 x 41.2 Inches
  • Reflective Stripe Height 4 or 6 inches
  • Base Included: No
  • Accepts Barricade Light: Yes
  • Diameter 18.5 In
  • Barrel Color Orange
  • Barrel Material HDPE or LDPE
  • Stripe Color Orange/White



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