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Commander™ Traffic Drum, Tire Weight, and Solar Light Bundle


This is a Package of 3 Products

Commander™ Traffic Drum, Tire Weight, and Solar Light are important safety features when roads are under construction.

The Commander Traffic Drum - Sold Separately:
Enhanced Material Formulation
  • Creates superior re-boundability
  • Very durable
Power dome
  • Dome's thicker wall prevents dents
  • Interfuses with handle creating strength
  • 10 lbs.
5 tier design
  • Anti-roll design, flat sections on 2 sides
Tighter Stacking & Packing
  • 20% more per truckload
  • Maximizes transport and storage space
  • MASH Accepted
    • Meets MUTCD Standards
Solar Light folds for stacking - Sold separately
  • No need to remove, folds down
  • 3-way Solar Light - Sun, moon, and battery powered
Tire locking ring - Sold separately
  • Inhibits movement on road
  • Textured to increase friction and grab tire
  • 24 lbs.
Customize with your logo
  • Can be stenciled
  • Molded-in, minimum qty. required
Made in the U.S.A.


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