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Tire Ring Base – 22" ID, Snap-On Base – 25 lbs., Snap-On Base – 30 lbs., Snap-On Base – 40 lbs.



TrailBOSS Traffic Drum Base (Tire or Snap-On)

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*Note: Drum and bases sold individually.

TrailBOSS Traffic Drum Base For the TrailBOSS Channelizer Traffic Barrel

The TrailBOSS Drum's versatility extends to its stand-alone base options, offering a choice between a rubber tire ring or a rubber snap-on variant with varying weights. These bases play a pivotal role in delineating work zones effectively across a diverse range of applications. Crafted for seamless usability, the TrailBOSS Traffic Drum Bases provide optimal support for creating clear boundaries in construction sites, roadwork areas, and other workplaces requiring distinct demarcation. With the convenience of selecting either a robust rubber tire ring or a customizable rubber snap-on base, equipped with different weights, these options cater to unique needs. The user-friendly design ensures swift attachment and detachment, making the TrailBOSS Drum bases an indispensable tool for managing work zones with utmost efficiency.

Drums/barrels sold separately.


  • Bases are specific to product application
  • Bases are either recycled rubber or a tire ring
  • Variety of base weights available to meet all your needs
  • Choose between tire ring and Snap-On bases
  • Snap-on bases come in different weights


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