Weight 24 lbs
Base Option:

Tire Ring Base – 22" ID, Snap-On Base – 25 lbs., Snap-On Base – 30 lbs., Snap-On Base – 40 lbs.



Tire Ring Base for Commander Traffic Drum (22.5″ ID)

From: $12.00

For Commander Drum ONLY

*Note: Drum and bases sold individually.

Tire Ring Base For the Commander Traffic Drum/Barrel (22.5")

The tire rings for traffic barrels are ingeniously crafted from repurposed rubber tires, presenting a sustainable solution. Tailored to seamlessly complement the Commander™ Traffic Barrels, these tire rings elegantly slide over the barrel tops, securely embracing the base of the Commander traffic drum. Functionally, the tire rings contribute stability and weight to the traffic barrels, further enhancing their performance. This innovation also aids the traffic drums in maintaining a secure grip on the roadway, even when faced with gusty winds. The incorporation of rubber tire rings into traffic drums is pivotal for delineating traffic, ensuring work zone safety, and catering to diverse construction zone needs. By adopting this practice of repurposing truck tire sidewalls as ballast for channelizer drums, you actively contribute to tire recycling efforts while simultaneously curbing landfill accumulation.

Drums/barrels sold separately.


  • Specifications:
    Material recycled rubber truck tires
    Weight 24 lbs.
    Inner diameter 22.5"
    Outer diameter 34 3/4"


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