Retractable Belt Barriers

Retractable Stanchions For Queue Line Management

Welcome to our Retractable Belt Barrier Collection! Elevate your crowd control and queue management solutions with our versatile and efficient retractable belt barriers. Designed to provide a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, our barriers offer a sleek and modern way to guide and organize crowds in various settings.

Whether you’re in need of crowd management for events, airports, retail spaces, museums, or any high-footfall area, our retractable belt barriers offer a convenient and flexible solution. Crafted with durable materials, they ensure long-lasting performance even in heavy traffic environments. The retractable belts are available in a range of vibrant colors, allowing you to match your establishment’s branding or specific theme.

Easy to set up and maneuver, our retractable belt barriers offer a hassle-free experience for both staff and patrons. The retractable mechanism provides quick adjustments to adapt to changing crowd sizes, ensuring efficient space utilization. Additionally, their compact design allows for convenient storage when not in use, making them a practical choice for any venue.

Explore our collection to discover an array of options, from classic designs to premium finishes. We take pride in offering reliable crowd control solutions that prioritize safety, organization, and aesthetics. Upgrade your crowd management strategy today with our cutting-edge retractable belt barrier systems.

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  • QueueMaster 550

    QueueMaster 550 Stanchion

    From: $44.94
  • Sale! QS-QueueMaster

    QueueMaster Economy Belt Barrier – 8.5 ft. Belt

    From: $44.95
  • QueueWay Posts

    Queueway Economy Stanchion

    From: $45.00
  • wallpro 400 caution do not enter

    WallPro 400 Magnetic Retractable Wall Belt Barrier

    From: $49.00
  • Guardmaster250

    GuardMaster 250

    From: $58.95
  • wallpro 400 cleaning in progress

    WallPro 400 “Cleaning in Progress” 15′ Retractable Wall Belt Barrier

    From: $60.00
  • tensabarrier 897

    897 Tensabarrier Wall Mounted Barrier

    From: $72.95
  • wallpro 400 caution do not enter

    WallPro 450 Magnetic Retractable Wall 20′ Belt Barrier

    From: $75.17
  • Wall Mounted Retracta-Belt 700 series

    Wall Mount Retracta-Belt – 10 foot Belt

    From: $79.99