Commander Traffic Drum/Barrel (Barrel Only)

Introducing the Commander Traffic Drum: a high-performing, exceptionally conspicuous, and robust channelizer solution crafted to excel in high-traffic zones. Engineered with precision, Commander barrels stand as a testament to their unmatched reboundability and enduring durability. Leveraging the advantages of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these barrels exhibit a sturdier composition compared to their low-density counterparts, ensuring their resilience even in elevated temperature environments. This trait renders them particularly well-suited for warmer climates and summer roadwork scenarios. The strategic deployment of traffic drums contributes significantly to the secure navigation of drivers and pedestrians across perilous stretches of roadway. Noteworthy is the MASH certification of the Commander traffic drum, attesting to its adherence to industry safety standards. Furthermore, the ingenious design allows these drums to effortlessly disengage from their tire ring bases upon impact, further enhancing their protective capabilities.


Advanced Material Composition:
Formulated for exceptional reboundability Exhibits remarkable durability

Innovative Power Dome:
The dome's reinforced structure prevents dents Seamlessly interfaces with the handle, enhancing overall strength

Efficient Tire Locking Ring:
Effectively prevents movement on road surfaces Textured surface increases friction, firmly gripping the tire

Multi-tiered 5 Tier Design:
Incorporates an anti-roll mechanism with flat sections on 2 sides Facilitates compact stacking and packing

Optimized Space Utilization:
Enables 20% higher capacity per truckload Efficiently maximizes transport and storage efficiency Easily foldable for streamlined stacking

Convenient Folding Feature:
No need for removal, as the product conveniently folds down Simplifies storage and handling

Personalized Branding Option:
Can be stenciled with your unique logo Molded-in customization available with a minimum quantity requirement

MASH Compliance:
Meets the standards set by the MUTCD Ensures adherence to road safety regulations

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.:
Manufactured within the United States, reflecting quality craftsmanship

Orange and White bands of retroreflective sheeting available: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic Grade, and Diamond Grade

Up to 4 bands of sheeting
- choose 6”W or 4”W bands

Dimensions: 23.5"Wx 39.7"H

Weight: 8 lbs

Choose from high or low density barrels, sheeting grades and options. Drums/barrels and bases sold independently.


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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Barrel Density

High, Low

Barrel Sheeting

None, (4)-4" Engineer Grade, (4)-6" Engineer Grade, (4)-4" Hi-Intensity Prismatic, (4)-6" Hi-Intensity Prismatic, (4)-4" Diamond Grade, (4)-6" Diamond Grade





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Commander Traffic Drum (Barrel Only)

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*Note: Drum and bases sold individually.

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