Plastic Jersey Barriers

Plastic Jersey Barriers | Water Filled Barricades

Our Plastic Jersey Barriers offer a dynamic blend of portability, resilience, and protection, ensuring a secure environment in construction zones, roadwork sites, airports, and any location where the intersection of workers, pedestrians, vehicles, and equipment occurs.

Jersey Barrier for Small Scale Projects

For small-scale projects or brief undertakings that don’t warrant the expenses associated with traditional concrete barriers, our Plastic Jersey barrier are the best alternative you’ll find to reduce risk of injuries and fatalities in work zone accidents.

Jersey Barriers vs Concrete Barriers

Unlike their concrete counterparts, the ease with which they can be moved eliminates the need for heavy machinery, saving you valuable time and money. With these plastic jersey barrier, you can swiftly adapt to evolving project needs without the logistical challenges posed by traditional options.

Jersey Barriers for Sale

Our low-profile jersey barrier stands at 24 inches in height and is the go-to choice for temporarily cordoning off closed areas in parking lots or streets. Interlocking capabilities provide additional flexibility, and the range of high-visibility colors ensures optimal visibility and safety.

We also have a standard-height Jersey barricades at 42 inches that is water-fillable, making it an excellent choice for highway use or securing work zones and construction areas.

Shield Every Motion with Water Filled Jersey Barriers

The Jersey barricades or so called styled plastic barriers, when filled with sand or water, boast an impressive weight of approximately 1,655 lbs with water. This water filled jersey barricades serves as a versatile tool, suitable for deployment as a highway barrier or to secure areas within work zones or construction sites.

The water filled jersey barricades are designed to shield pedestrians from the traffic flow of slow-moving cars, vans, and bikes. These barriers establish a steadfast and dependable safety system that is not only sturdy but also swift and straightforward to deploy.

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