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Retractable Belt Barrier Post Stancions

Retractable belt posts protect a car in a museum by keeping atendees distanced.

Supplying the Industry with Retractable Belt Stanchions & Barrier Posts Since 1998!

The standards in crowd control and line queuing are retractable belt barrier posts. Discount Directionals is an established wholesaler of belt stanchions from all the best manufacturers.

No matter what your need or application, our product experts can outfit you with the best belted post solution. Unlimited custom options are available – call 888-270-3636 for more information!

Rectractable belt stanchions being used to create queue lines in an airport.

Retractable Belt Barriers Buying Guide

While all belt posted appear similar at first glance, there are subtle differences that separate our premium retractable belt stanchion products from the cheap knockoffs.

Use this handy guide to determine which barrier posts are right for you!

Slow Retracting Belt

Slow Retracting Belt Mechanism for Belt Barriers

Our Belts Won’t Snap on You!

All belt post cassettes have a safety belt brake for slow retraction and a constant torque spring mechanism for smooth and quiet belt retraction.

Belt End Lock

Belt End Lock Feature

Connect With Existing Stock!

Universal belt end connects to all major brands and features a belt lock which prevents accidental belt release.

Full Floor Protection

full circumference floor protection feature on belt stanchion posts

Belt Barriers Won’t Scuff or Scratch Floors!

A full circumference rubber floor protector provides maximum protection for expensive show room floors.

4-Way Connectivity

4-way connectivity post feature

Create Any Barrier Line You Need!

Each stanchions features 4-way connectivity with one expandible belt and three universal connection splines.

Post Finish Options

Belt Barrier Post Finish Options

Belt Color & Message Options

Solid Color Belt Options

Solid Color Belt Options

Striped Color Belt Options

Striped Color Belt Options

Stock Message Belt Options

Stock Message Belt Options

Other Belt Barrier Types

Rollable Stanchion with Wheels

Roller Barrier Movable Stanchion with Wheels

when barriers need to be moved frequently

Multiple Belt Posts

Stanchion Posts with Multiple Belts

double and triple options available

High Visibility Safety Posts

High Visibility Safety Stanchions

for warehouses and indoor construction

Fixed or Permanent Stanchions

Fixed or Permanent Belt Stanchions

for constant high-traffic areas

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