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GuardMaster 250

From: $58.95

Lightweight but Highly Stable

GuardMaster 250 - A Lightweight but Highly Stable Stanchion

At less than 5lbs, GuardMaster’s light weight makes it easy to transport and store. The base can be filled with water or sand to give stability in use. The PVC post is matched with a base made of tough, impact resistant Polypropylene so there is nothing to rust, making GuardMaster ideal for outdoor use.

Height:  38”
Weight:  4.8/14 lbs
Post OD:  2.5”
Base Diameter:  15"
Post Color:  Yellow
Base:  Water/sand fillable (6.75 liter capacity)
Belt Lengths:  8.5
Belt Color:  Yellow/Black
Packaging:  Ships flat packed or assembled
Assembly:  Simple assembly, no tools required

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