Retracta-Wheel Base with Matching Metal Base Cover, Retracta-Wheel Base with Black ABS Base Cover


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Retracta-Wheel Portable Belt Stanchion With Wheels

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Easy Mobility and Transport

Retractable Belt Stanchion with Wheels | Retractable Wheel Base for Portability

Convenient wheels are no longer an unsightly tripping hazard. The exclusive Retracta-Wheel base is the only post that easily conceals the wheel mechanism beneath the base when it's not in use, but deploys in seconds for easy mobility and transport.

Retracta-Belt with Retracta-Wheel Features

Retracta-Wheel Post Specifications

  • Retracta-Wheel Base: simply angle the post to conceal the wheel beneath the base.
  • Available on all Sloped Base Retracta-Belt Models: including 10' and 15' Single Line, 10' Dual Line, 10' Thin Line, 10' and 15' Display, and Sloped Base Conventional Posts.
  • Transport posts easily when the wheel is exposed.
  • Simply tilt the post to flip the wheel under the base.
  • The wheel stores beneath the base when not in use.
  • No unsightly wheels or tripping hazard when concealed.
  • EVERstraight Technology: the cast iron Retracta-Belt base features a large diameter threaded connection, ensuring the post remains straight for its lifetime.
  • Redesigned E-Z Back braking system: creates the safest post on the market. Patent pending rotary damper technology ensures a safe, controlled retraction of the belt at ANY length.
  • Built-in sign attachment: no costly adapters. Does not take up receiving ends and limit attachment of belts.
  • Universal belt end: works with nearly every stanchion on the market and locks to prevent accidental release.
  • Built-in rubber floor protectors: ensure long lasting scuff prevention.
  • Easy assembly: no tools required
  • 10 year warranty.

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