Weight 18 lbs
Belt Length

13', 7'6"


Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow



Tensabarrier 885 Outdoor Stanchion

From: $95.00

  • Perfect for garden centers and outdoor retail environments.
  • Ideal for directing crowds at public events.
  • Reduces hazardous work environments by clearly marking pathways.
  • Limits entry to hazardous zones.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Tensabarrier 885 Outdoor Stanchion - A Weather Resistant Belt Post with Fillable Base

Available in five stock post color options and two belt length options!

Features & Benefits:

  • Features a portable plastic post that screws into a hollow base, which can be filled with sand or water for stability.
  • The base, when empty, is easy to transport or detach from the post. Its hexagonal design facilitates stacking and storage, complete with a handle for convenient carrying.
  • A straightforward filling point on the base ensures easy access for quick filling with sand or water, optimizing capacity.
  • Designed to be weather-resistant for use outdoors, though not intended for permanent outdoor placement.
  • Boasts the safest barrier system with a unique braking mechanism for controlled webbing retraction.

Product Specifications:

  • Plastic posts are available in five UV-resistant colors.
  • The base is made of gray plastic and can be filled, supporting either temporary or permanent setups for retractable barriers.
  • Delivered flat-packed, assembly requires no tools.
  • Offers compatibility with all standard Tensator® 2-inch webbing options.
  • Includes a modular webbing cassette equipped with a four-point anti-tamper webbing connection, enabling integration with other Tensabarrier® products via the receiver splines on the cassette head.
  • Fully compatible with all Tensabarrier® accessories, including a variety of post-top signage options.

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