3-Way Solar Traffic Barricade Light

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Solar Powered with Battery Backup

3-Way Solar Traffic Barricade Light For Construction and Road Work Safety!

To ensure safety during road work or construction projects, it is recommended to utilize flashing barricade lights. This product is particularly suitable for various applications, including detour alerts, clear line delineations, airports, and railroads. These lights can be easily installed on standard traffic barricades and barriers to effectively alert both drivers and pedestrians. The lights are bright and easily visible during the day, thanks to dependable LEDs and power-efficient, reliable moisture-proof circuitry that ensures trouble-free operation.

The light base conveniently accommodates "D" cell batteries, which can be dropped in before the case is snap-lock closed, remaining secure during transportation and rough handling typically encountered during service work. The case also features an impact-absorbing breakaway candle that minimizes internal damage. These lights are proudly made in the USA and designed to be more durable than imported competitors.

3 Volt High Efficiency Light
  • LED Lights
Double sided polycarbonate lens
Change batteries with ease
  • Batteries drop into light base, then snap into case
Moisture proof circuit
  • Will work under any weather conditions
Tamper proof mounting bolt
Solar Assist Type A, C, and 3-way
  • For night time use
  • Steady burn, flashing, or off
Internal solar panels trickle charge batteries
  • Uses two or four "D" cell batteries (not included)
Impact absorbing breakaway candle
Rugged copolymer case
NCHRP-350 accepted
  • Meets MUTCD Standards

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