Mod-Fence Storage and Transportation Cart - NEW DESIGN!

The Mod-Cart is designed to accommodate event fencing spanning a maximum length of 300 linear feet. This versatile system allows for easy rearrangement and adjustment, enabling the creation of various shapes and sizes. Made for Mod-Fence, but can be used with other plastic fencing.

  • Constructed with sleek black powder-coated steel for a clean appearance
  • Built with strength and durability in mind, while remaining easily movable
  • Disassembles and packs flat on a standard size pallet for convenient storage
  • Designed for reusability and reconfiguration to suit changing needs
  • Lightweight and effortless to move and store
  • Customize your fencing with printed vinyl fence wraps and decals to showcase your brand
  • Stores 40 Plastic Fence Panels and 48 Plastic Fence Posts
  • Can be rolled or used with forklift
    • Ships with wheels detached from cart to prevent damage during shipment
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Additional information




Mod-Fence Systems



Mod-Fence is an ideal option for temporary event fencing as it is lightweight enough for easy transportation, yet sturdy enough to handle large crowds.

Clean Aesthetic

With a pristine white finish, Mod-Fence Panels possess a premium appearance that can add a touch of traditional American charm to any occasion, creating a luxurious ambiance.


The reusability and reconfigurability of portable and temporary fencing allows your design team to create a wide range of enclosures, layouts, and configurations to suit your specific needs.

Fast Installation

The Mod-Fence temporary fencing system can be quickly installed without the need for tools, thanks to its exclusive hook and loop connection. This innovative design allows the fencing to be easily attached to Universal Pivot Posts, which offer an impressive 180-degree range of motion.



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Mod-Fence Cart

From: $974.95

  • The Mod-Cart holds 300 linear feet of fencing (or multiple Mod-Kit 60’s)
  • Stores 40 Plastic Fence Panels and 48 Plastic Fence Posts
  • Can be rolled on its wheels or used with a forklift

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