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Security Door Gates I Gates for Doors

Discount Directionals door gates are popular for their knack at maintaining privacy. The installation of our gates doors goes beyond mere security; it becomes a powerful visual deterrent, significantly reducing the likelihood of potential intruders from visiting the site.

Features and Benefits of Folding Door Gates:

1. Security Door Gates that prevents trespassing

The thickness and angle of the gates door mesh make it tricky for onlookers to step away from the property. You can customize the security mesh to dial up or down your privacy level.

2. Metal Accordion Security Gates for doors

The high-grade aluminum rivets bind them back to back for unparalleled strength. These gates for doors are engineered to withstand stress, ensuring they won’t rust, crack, or experience any webbing separation. Every door gate has a versatile design at its core, allowing you for easy mounting on either side, providing safe door openings with a 100% clear obstruction.

3. Move In Any Direction Effortlessly

Our door gates are not just secure; they’re designed for maximum convenience. You will have the flexibility to position them in any direction you desire and once you’ve found the perfect spot, a simple lock secures them in place. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: What are folding door gates?

A: Door gates are innovative security solutions designed to optimize space and efficiency. With a quick open/close cycle, these gates excel in accurately controlling access in high-traffic environments. Notably, these gates doors are space-efficient, requiring less room compared to other gate types, thereby preserving valuable space for alternative uses.

Q: What materials can we get for door gates?

A: Some popular choices include steel, aluminum, wrought iron, and wood. Each material offers its unique set of characteristics, allowing users to select a door gate that aligns with both their aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Q: How do I determine the right door gate for my needs?

Firstly, measure the width where you intend to install the gate, whether it’s within the opening or on the face of the opening. After that compare this width to the list of available widths in the price sheet.

Secondly, measure the height of your opening as well. If you want the gate to completely fill the opening, choose the gate with a collapsed height slightly shorter than your opening. For openings where the gate doesn’t need to reach the full height, or if the height exceeds 10 feet, go for a standard height or explore alternative options.

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