Traffic Safety Products for Construction Sites

Traffic Safety Products Add Strong, Visible Security to Roads and Construction Sites

Traffic safety products help keep motorists, highway crews, construction personnel, and pedestrians safe. From traffic cones to delineator posts to Type I and Type II plastic highway barriers, these products keep vehicles and people away from dangerous roads, work zones, construction zones and other hazardous areas.

With their high-visibility fluorescent color, traffic cones protect workers and motorists by providing a physical and visual message to avoid a given area.  PVC traffic cones do the job under all weather conditions, and even more visibility can be attained by adding reflective collars to cones.

Fluorescent orange delineator posts also alert pedestrians and vehicles about keeping away from restricted areas.  With rugged bases and reflective collars, delineator posts are highly visible and prevent accidents.

Type I and Type II plastic barriers are also frequently used to block roads and work zones. These “folding” plastic barriers remain sturdy in any weather condition, and can be reinforced with the addition of sand.

Other valuable highway safety products include: Plastic Jersey barriers used for highway and construction projects: channelizer drums (barrels which are often set up on roadways to act as a median barricade); and portable electronic message signs, which communicate messages about road conditions and parking area capacity to motorists.

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