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Trilock 75 Waist High Turnstile

Trilock 75 Series Waist High Turnstile

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Product Description

Waist High Turnstile for Access Control and Safety

This top-of-the-line tripod turnstile is designed for high-traffic, yet upscale applications such as museums, libraries, or offices.  Capable of controlling bi-directional traffic, these luxury turnstiles are available with straight or rounded ends to the cabinet. The self-centering mechanism ensures long life and low maintenance.

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The Robust Tripod Turnstile

When design is still important but you also require a truly robust secured entry solution that is able to withstand large user volumes and abusive conditions, the Trilock 75 is the tripod turnstile that you need.

The Trilock 75 series is the top of the line tripod turnstile suited to medium capacity, abusive situations. This luxurious Trilock is available with straight or rounded ends to the cabinet. The electronically operated models are capable of independently controlling bi-directional traffic.


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