Weight 40 lbs

Flat, Bridge

BLOCKADER Standard Economy Crowd Control Steel Barriers – 8 ft.

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Blockader® Standard Steel Barricades for Low Impact Crowd Control - Steel Barriers - 8 ft.

This lighter weight barrier is an economical option for customers looking for barriers primarily for line delineation, as opposed to heavy-duty crowd control.

  • Lighter weight, with same quality features as the Classic Blockader
  • Center steel panel carrying handle for easy portability
  • Standard barriers will interlock with Classic Blockader barriers

The Blockader® Standard Barrier incorporates all the quality features of heavy-duty barricades into a lighter-weight portable barrier which is economically priced.

Economy Standard Barrier - 8 ft Specifications

What does the Standard Blockader® have that other “economy” barriers don’t?

  • Compatibility with other barriers – all hooks will align
  • Bolt-on replaceable bases – bridge base or flat base styles
  • Hot dip galvanization for corrosion protection
  • Uprights fully inserted into the frame before welding

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