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MityLite ABS Plastic Serpentine and Plastic Specialty Folding Tables

List Price: $390.00

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Plastic Specialty Folding Tables – Serpentine, Half Round, and Quarter Round Plastic Folding Tables from MityLite

Don’t be fooled by imitations, MityLite ABS is the industry standard for durability
and value in a lightweight folding table. With the broadest line available of
rectangular, round and specialty sizes, MityLite ABS Tables exceed expectations
for high-use, high-turn areas and provide years of reliable service.
Serpentine Specialty Folding Tables
There is no substitute for MityLite ABS Folding Tables. As our most popular folding table, Mitylite’s ABS tables set the market standard for durable lightweight folding tables. Mitylite ABS tables are available in a wide variety of rectangular, round, cocktail and specialty sizes.
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