School Strap Lock for Folding Security Gates For Single or Pair Fixed Gates

The School Strap is an accessory for security gates that enables you to swiftly and securely lock them in an open position. It is commonly referred to as such due to its usage in schools during regular hours when certain areas are not off-limits.

To ensure the completeness of a gate hardware kit, it is essential to include the school strap. This kit allows you to secure your single, paired, or portable scissor gates in any position you require. The strap set serves as a gate lockset, enabling you to lock the gate without obstructing complete access.

Improve the security of your gates by using the school strap, which is commonly employed in warehouses and loading bays to limit or allow access to a particular area. You may have observed a similar device at concerts or sports venues where the retractable gate is partially locked to allow only one person to enter at a time. This straightforward measure helps to enhance security by preventing a large number of unmanageable people from entering the venue all at once. Additionally, venue managers can ensure that everyone entering has a ticket to attend the event.

Key features of the retractable gate strap include its support for single, paired, and portable gates, its ease of use, and its high-quality, long-lasting construction. You can lock your gates in any retracted position you choose using this strap.

The school strap is a useful optional accessory for the gate hardware kit if you regularly need to restrict access to an area where a retractable accordion gate is installed. By preventing your retractable gate from being opened or closed unintentionally, even if it is only used once a day, you can extend its lifespan and reduce maintenance requirements.

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School Strap Lock for Folding Security Gates (Single or Pair)

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Proudly made in USA

  • Made of heavy-duty alloy for long-lasting durability
  • User-friendly, long-lasting, durable and economical
  • Fast and easy installation

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