Steel Barrier Pull Carts

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Holds 28 Steel Barriers

Flexible, versatile, and extremely strong


Transport Crowd Control Barricades with Ease with Our Steel Barrier Pull Cart

If you are a facility with a large number of steel barriers, you know the pain involved in moving and transporting them. We strive to make this task easier with our new steel barrier pull cart. This innovative design allows you to pull up to 56  barricades at one time!

  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Can hold about 28 steel barriers
  • Locking front wheels to prevent the cart from rolling
  • Can be loaded two ways – full offset on each side, or partial offset on both sides
  • Can be used for all standard frames, including square
    stacking barriers
  • Ideal loading height – no projections above the frame
  • Handles corners well and remains stable, even with half-loads
  • Carted barriers can be pulled, or lifted by a forklift
  • Easy to assemble and store


Move Steel Barricades with Ease:

  • Forklift = 15 Barriers at a Time
  • One Cart = 28 Barriers at a Time
  • Two Carts = 56 Barriers at a Time


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