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Elegance Post with Ball Top

List Price: $94.00

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Elegance Post and Rope Ball Top Stanchion Barriers

This is the top of the line stanchion for environments using traditional post and rope line management systems. Designed for long life, the ball top stanchion (2 inches in diameter) is made of heavy-duty steel, with a cast iron base. Two attractive finishes are available. Polished finishes give the posts a mirror-like visual effect, while satin finishes are smooth and even. Note: Ball top stanchions cannot accommodate signage.

Height: 39”
Weight: Dome Base – 20lbs Flat Base – 21lbs
Post OD: 2”
Base Diameter: Dome Base – 12.5”. Flat Base – 14”
Construction:       Post – steel or stainless steel. Base – cast iron
Floor Protector: Dome Base – Full Circumference.       Flat Base – Full Coverage
Packaging: Ships flat packed or assembled
Assembly: Simple assembly, no tools required
Warranty: 3 years

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