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Drive-Over Base Works with Many Types of Signage

This base for a banner stand is designed specifically to be positioned under a vehicle's tire. Ideal for car dealerships, this base can be set up next to vehicles, with the assurance that a banner will be very stable, even in windy conditions. This base can be used with tear drop banners, feather banners, and straight banners.


Looking for a stable and versatile base for your banner stand? Look no further than our Drive-Over Base! Designed to work with a wide range of signage, this base is the perfect solution for car dealerships, trade shows, and other events where you need a reliable and sturdy base.

Simply position the base under the tire of your vehicle, and your banner will be securely anchored in place, even in windy conditions. Compatible with tear drop banners, feather banners, and straight banners, this base is perfect for a wide range of promotional materials.

Crafted from high-quality materials and built to last, our Drive-Over Base is a smart investment for any business looking to make a big impact with their signage. So why wait? Order your Drive-Over Base today and start taking your promotions to the next level!

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