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Low Profile Plastic Airport Barricade – 10″H x 96″L x 10″W – 19 lbs.

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Optional Flags and Lights Sold Separately

Product Description

Airport Barricade with Reflective Sheeting and Lighting Options

10″H x 96″L x 10″W

19 lbs. empty, 270 lbs. full
.20″ thick high density
polyethylene wall
84″ interconnected length
NSN #5660-01-469-7545
Patent #D555,804
Patent #D546,969
Patent #8,808,600

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on Average

Low Profile Airport Barrier Spec

First Barricade Specifically Designed for Airport Runway Construction

Since 1999 airports worldwide have used our barricade to warn pilots of hazardous construction zones and ensure traveler safety. Our low profile barricades can be ordered with orange and white reflective sheeting and can hold up to 2 flashing red lights per section.

FOD free, when interconnected they can stand up to jet blast without the use of sand bags.

Easy-to-Install Lights

Our specially-designed C01 lights take just seconds to install since they screw right into the barricade fill holes. Our new lights have a track record as highly-dependable lights when used in conjunction with our barricades!


As a durability test, the AR10x96 O V.2 was filled with water, raised by a forklift and dropped to the pavement. When dropped from a height of 18 feet, the barricade sustained a tremendous impact without breaking. See videos below. The barricade was also rammed by a forklift and also did not sustain damage. Pretty cool, huh! Let’s see our competitors do this!


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