Custom Printed Steel Barrier Covers

Steel barriers at an event keep guests within a plaza and direct them through the entrance.

The Original Wholesaler of Interlocking Metal Barricades

Steel barricades are the standard for crowd control and Discount Directionals has been the preferred wholesaler of steel barricades since 1998. We pioneered the hook style that is often imitated but never duplicated. Since establishing ourselves as the most reliable steel barrier provider in terms of quality and customer service, we have expanded our product offering to suit the varying needs of our customers.

Steel barricades keep guests on a running course in New York.

Barricade Cover on a Metal Barricade

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custom printed steel barrier covers

Custom barrier cover made for Mcdonald’s and used for advertisement purposes.

Custom Printed Steel Barricade Covers

Discount Directionals offers steel barrier covers to fit any of our metal barricade models.

Custom printed steel barrier covers are a great option for any event. Whether you want to make your crowd control barriers more attractive or want an advertising or sponsorship opportunity, we can outfit any barricade with a custom cover.

Even if you didn’t purchase your steel barriers with us, we have a jacket that can fit your barricade!

Add Value to Your Crowd Control Barriers

Barrier Jackets can provide promotional opportunities as well as information to direct crowds.

Barrier Cover Material Options:

  • Vinyl – Ideal for Inkjet or Silkscreen Print Options
  • Sunbrella – Beautiful and Durable for long lasting outdoor use. Silkscreen Prints
  • Spandex – A beautiful snug fit. Best for indoor use. Dye-sublimation or Silkscreen Print Options
  • Mesh – Best for high wind situations. Inkjet or Silkscreen Print Options

Custom Fit Barrier Covers?

  • Our Barrier Covers are custom made to perfectly fit your barrier.  Our years of experience hand crafting premium barrier covers for our customers have allowed us to build a library of patterns for every popular barrier in the market.
  • Download the forms to the left and fill in your barrier measurements on one and add your custom image on the other. Upload the completed forms in the provided fields before you add your product to your shopping cart.
  • You can also submit this form to us AFTER you check out.  Whichever is easier for you!


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