Steel Barrier Push and Pull Carts

Steel barriers at an event keep guests within a plaza and direct them through the entrance.

The Original Wholesaler of Interlocking Metal Barricades

Steel barricades are the standard for crowd control and Discount Directionals has been the preferred wholesaler of steel barricades since 1998. We pioneered the hook style that is often imitated but never duplicated. Since establishing ourselves as the most reliable steel barrier provider in terms of quality and customer service, we have expanded our product offering to suit the varying needs of our customers.

Steel barricades keep guests on a running course in New York.

Steel Barricade Push and Pull Carts

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Push or Pull Your Barriers for Easier Mobility
Save time and labor costs when you need to move barriers from one location to another.
  • Push carts hold about 8-10 steel barriers
  • Pull carts hold about 28 steel barriers
  • Both carts are made of heavy-duty steel for maximum strength
  • Easy assembly and storage
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Push Cart Used in Conjunction With a Pull Cart

push and pull carts 



Push Cart for Steel Barriers

From: $625.95

push cart

*Call 888-270-3636 or fill out a quote for delivered price.

Pull Cart for Steel Barriers

From: $974.95

pull cart

*Call 888-270-3636 or fill out a quote for delivered price.

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Which Metal Barricade Is Right For You?

Use this handy Steel Barrier Buying Guide to help you decide which of our high-quality products is best for your application.