Add Entrance Gates and Arches to Your Steel Barrier Line for Emergency Access

Swing Gates are an Add-On to Add Entrance Points to Steel Barricade Lines

We offer several add-on options for your steel barricades including gates and arches. These are useful if you need an entrance point in your line of steel barriers.

Steel Barrier Arches

  • 10-foot high arch – Ideal for placing a sign high above the crowd
  • Ideal for designating special entrances
  • Visually distinguish separate entrances for different type of attendees
  • Specify areas such as “Lost and Found” at a large event
  • Combine arch and turnstiles to collect entrance revenue
  • 3 Standard Widths in Inventory – 51″. 90.625″, and 110.25″

A Gate Arch with Sign at an event in Palm Springs, CA

Steel Barrier Gates

A Closed-off access point within your steel barrier line

  • Allow for controlled breaks in long lines of steel barricades
  • Permits emergency personnel to break through the control control barriers
  • Heavy-duty steel latch locks gate into the next steel barrier for a continual run of connecting frames
  • Available in our 3 standard lengths to match our barricades (1 Meter, 2 Meter, 2.5 Meter)

A Steel Barrier Gate in a Line of Steel Barricades – Open

A Steel Barrier Gate in a Line of Steel Barricades – Closed

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