Rollersigns Turn Unused Waiting Line Space Into Attractive Displays

Rollersigns Turn Unused Waiting Line Space Into Attractive Displays

Utilize the Real Estate Under Your Belt Stanchions for Advertising

With Rollersigns, you can transform currently-unused space in your waiting lines into attractive displays that can help build brand awareness, convey specific messages, and integrate the look of your waiting lines into your overall site theme.

Rollersigns Custom Belt Stanchion Banners In use at an Airport

Any site that creates waiting line space by setting up retractable belt stanchions can employ Rollersigns to turn the space between stanchions into attractive display space.  Rollersigns which attach directly onto retractable belt stanchions, feature a printed banner (approximately 5-foot wide by 3-foot high) which is pulled down from a horizontal bar.

These banners become highly visible to patrons who are standing in your waiting lines.  Banners which are printed on two sides are also visible to anyone outside the lines.  Rollersigns are ideal for featuring your site’s logo or any informational or promotional message you want to convey to your customers.  Public sites can also sell this space to sponsors or advertisers.  The result will be more attractive waiting line space which is blends into the overall site décor.

Rollersigns consist of a cassette, which can retrofit to any brand of retractable belt stanchions, and the printed banner. Banners are available in either vinyl or mesh.

Rollersigns Mesh Retractable Belt Stanchion Banner Used for Custom Advertising

See why airports, convention centers, movie theaters, and sports stadiums and arenas have outfitted their waiting line stanchions with Rollersigns



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