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Trilock 900 Tripod Waist High Turnstile

Trilock 900 Series Tripod Turnstiles

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Product Description

Waist High Tripod Turnstiles for Access Control and Safety

These attractive and versatile tripod turnstiles effectively manage the flow of people through any building.  Featuring a reliable mechanism and space-saving design, this turnstile is ideal for placement in lobby areas in which you want visitors to stop before going through the building.


Diameter / Unit Width (inches)
Barrier Height (inches)
34-1/4″ – 35-5/16″
Capacity (per minute) *

The Ultimate Tripod Turnstile

In many high throughput applications, a simple but robust secured entry solution is required to prevent visitors from simply going through into the building. In these applications the lobby is often manned by a security guard or receptionist who is able to monitor the people passing through the lobby resulting in a lower level of security being required. For these applications our Trilock tripod turnstile range is very well suited.

The Trilock 900 is the top-end solution in the range. It offers a nice design with different possibilities to customise this tripod turnstile to the look and feel of your lobby or building. The reliable mechanism and space efficient footprint ensure that the Trilock 900 is a great solution for any application.


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