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Naugahyde Rope


Tamis Store Exclusive Product

Black Naugahyde Rope Red Naugahyde Rope Maroon Naugahyde Rope Dark Blue Naugahyde Rope Dark Green Naugahyde Rope

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Product Description

Achieve the Look of Leather at a Fraction of the Cost!

Naugahyde rope gives you the look and feel of leather, but the easy-cleaning features of vinyl, providing a very attractive link between posts. Our naugahyde ropes place the leather-looking cover over a heavy cotton core. Available in five colors, naugahyde ropes are fitted with hinged snap ends (much more wear-and-tear resistant than spring ends) which makes it very easy to affix or remove the rope from your posts.


Material: Cotton Core
Cover: Naugahyde leather like vinyl
Diameter: 1.5”
Warranty: 3 years

Additional information

Weight N/A
Rope Color

Black, Red, Maroon, Dark Blue, Dark Green


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