Anticlimb Premium Welded Wire Fence Panel With Bases 6′ x 11’4″


The Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel With Bases

If your project needs a little extra protection, the Broadfence Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is the perfect temporary fencing solution for you. Much like the Standard version, the Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel is a galvanized 6’ 7” high and 11’ 4” long. However, this fence panel comes with a crossbar that runs vertically through the middle for some added durability. Similar to the Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel, its premium brother weighs 38 pounds as opposed to 30.

For a little extra longevity, you might want to consider an option like this if you know things are going to get rough or even if your construction site is located in a high-wind area.

Additionally, the Anticlimb Premium Fence Panel comes in a different form factor as well. If rounded tops are something you need, Broadfence is happy to present the Anticlimb Premium Plus Round Top Fence Panel.




Model:   BFACP-PR
Height x Length 6’x11’4″
Foot dimensions 7.5″W x 30″L x 4.5″H
Mesh opening 1.7″X x 9.5″H
Panel weight 38LBS
Foot weight 33LBS
Vertical posts 1.57″
Vertical post gauge 18 ga
Horizontal post 1.18″
Horizontal post gauge 19 ga
Fence mesh gauge 13 ga
Corner plates yes
Center vertical bar yes
Quantity per lift 80 Panels
Quantity per truck 320 Panels
Surface Galvanized


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