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Guardian-23 Standard Plastic Jersey Barrier – 42″H x 24″W x 96″L

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Product Description

Standard Height Water Fillable Plastic Jersey Barricade – 42″H x 24″W x 96″L

Extra Long Plastic Jersey Barriers for Highway Use

Guardian-23 Product Specifications


Easy to transport, store and set-up, standard-size Plastic Jersey barricades are commonly used as highway barriers, as well as at construction sites and temporary work zones. Water ballasted Plastic Jersey barriers provide high visibility and minimize damage to vehicles during impact.

Standard-size traditional Plastic Jersey barriers weigh (depending upon the model chosen) 100-200 pounds when empty, enabling rapid deployment in emergency situations. Water-filled barriers will weigh between 1,300 – 2,000 pounds, providing optimum stability.


  • These water-filled barriers are available in two heights (42” and 46”) and two lengths (72″ and 96″)
  • The standard size water Jersey barrier (42” x 24” x 72”) is available in both standard weight (170 pounds) or a lightweight version (100 pounds)
  • Water Filled Jersey barricades are available in seven colors, plus custom colors
  • Each Plastic Jersey barrier is water-fillable via the 6-inch fill hole at the top of the barricade.

Other applications for the standard-size Plastic Jersey barriers include special events, general crowd control, parking areas, and airports.


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Weight 180 lbs


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