2″ Telescoping Upright Slip Collar – Slip Fit


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Pipe and Drape Telescoping Upright – 2″ Slip Fit with Slip Collar

We offer wholesale pricing on our telescoping upright products!

  • Telescoping Upright is Easy to adjust to desired height
  • No tools required
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Drape Support slots located at top of upright and at 3 ft. High


The Slip Collar Telescoping Upright adjust to the desired height by simply adjusting the inner pipe upward.  It works on an internal ball-baring system, so as you raise the inner pipe the weight locks the upright into place.  To release, and lower back down, simply raise the inner pole to release the pressure, lift the ring and guide the inner pipe down.  Our 2″ Slip Collar Uprights pair with our Slip Fit Bases with 2″ pin.  Use and care instructions ship with this item.  Use caution when adjusting this item, if inner pipe is not held while lowering and allowed to drop, this can cause damage to the collar component.

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