Anticlimb Temporary Fencing


Broadfence’s Anticlimb Standard Fence Panel is strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install. These 11’ 4” long and 6’ 7” high fence panels are perfect for large construction sites, enclosing hazards, concert and festival crowd control, event perimeters, environmental control, and general road and civil works.

Each panel comes with one foot and one coupler.

Additional information

Panel Size 6′ 7″ High x 11′ 4″ Long
Foot Dimensions 7.5” wide x 30” long x 4.5″ high
Mesh Opening 1.7” wide x 9.5” high
Panel Weight 30 Lbs.
Foot Weight 33 Lbs.
Vertical Posts Gauge 19 gauge (1.5″ diameter)
Horizontal Posts Gauge 19 gauge (1″ diameter)
Fence Mesh Gauge 13 gauge
Quantity Per Lift 90
Surface Protection Galvanized

Privacy Screening

Add privacy to your site with our new Privacy Screening option. Available only on our Anticlimb Panels.

Additional information

Roll Size for 6′ Fence 5′ 8″ x 50′
Roll Size for 8′ Fence 7′ 8″ x 50′
Opacity/Shade Percentage 85%
Metal Grommets 24″ O.C. on all four sides
Fabric/Mesh Design Lock-stitch knitted High Density Polyethylene
Filament Strength 50 lbs. per ft.
Material Break Strength 500 lbs. per ft.
Material Weight 145 GSM (4.28 oz./yd²)
Crystalline Melting Point 133 Deg. C
Composition of UV Inhibitor 1.5% Amplas CM111821/1.5% Equaster CM106000
Flammability Point 364 Deg. C


Anticlimb Standard & Premium Pedestrian Gate

Anticlimb Standard & Premium Pedestrian Gate Round Top Pre-Galvanized. Accessory available only for the Standard and Premium Anticlimb panels.

Please note gate unit includes all necessary hardware for connecting to panels.

Additional information

Gate Size 6′ high x 3’9″ long
Foot Dimensions 7.5″ wide x 30″ long x 4.5″ high
Mesh Opening 1.7″ wide x 9.5″ high
Post Diameter 1.57″
Panel Weight 32 lbs.
Foot Weight 33 lbs.
Surface Protection Galvanized


Standard Fence Stabilizer

Popular economical solution connected to the fence using the existing coupler and can be anchor bolted to the other end.

Often purchased with the Standard Stabilizer Pin Heavy Duty.

Additional information

Stabilizer Length 70″
Length from Panel to Plate 39″
Height from Ground to Top of Stabilizer 59″
Base Plate Dimensions 6″ Wide x 6″ Long
Stabilizer Weight 5.5lbs
Surface Protection Pre-galvanized

Standard Stabilizer Pin Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Pin that can be used for pinning into soft ground used in conjunction with the above.
Often purchased with Standard Fence Stabilizer.

Additional information

Pin Dimensions 3.5″ wide x 17″ long x 0.5″ diameter
Pin Weight 1lb
Surface Protection Pre-galvanized

Windbreak Stabilizer Tray

You can load the Tray with sandbags/concrete blocks/anything heavy used in conjunction with the above.
Often purchased with the Windbreak Fence Stabilizer.

Additional information

Tray Dimensions 20″ wide x 18″ long x 1.8″ high
Tray Weight 6lbs
Surface Protection Pre-galvanized


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