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Perimeter Patrol Welded Wire Fencing Panels

Perimeter Patrol temporary fencing panels are ideal in circumstances where permanent fencing is unnecessary or impractical, such as construction sites, special outdoor events, parking areas, and emergency/disaster relief sites. These 6 foot (height) by 7.5 foot (width) are lightweight and can be set up easily by one person around the perimeter of any area. Panels feature 2-inch by 4-inch welded wire mesh, which means there are no sharp edges which could potentially get hung up during loading, unloading, or handling of panels. This makes these welded wire fencing panels an efficient alternative to chain link fencing, which often features edges or exposed wire which makes it more difficult to load or handle. Perimeter Patrol temporary fencing panels are packaged in pallets which hold 28 panels, resulting in 210 linear feet of fencing.