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Save Time and Space with Stackable Barricades

Square Stacking Barriers on a Truck
  1. Save Space and Time You can stack these steel barriers in a straight line, saving storage space and eliminating the time-consuming task of lining up all hooks on the same side before they’re transported.
  2. Wider Base = Better Stability Our wide base gives you superior stability, particularly when barriers are not attached to each other. The narrower bases used by many competitors will often cause their barriers to tip over under pushing or pressure.
  3. Easier to make right angles Our well-designed bases allow stable right angles and turns
  4. Available in all popular hooking variations Three choices of hooks to match your preferences or to match your existing barriersSquare Stacking Barriers Inerlocked
  5. Pre-drilled holes for signs With the holes drilled prior to hot-dip galvanizing, you can place sign IDs on your barriers with single bolts without exposing raw steel to rust
  6. True Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Barriers are hot dip galvanized -- the best protection against rust and corrosion, increasing their life-span