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Replacement Bases for Steel Barriers

The principal of one large and one small  base is used so that all four points of the base remain in constant contact with the ground.  And when the crowd pushes against it as at parades or concerts, the bases dig into the ground to better prevent movement.
  • The Traditional Bridge Base offers maximum stability on uneven surfaces.Nationwide this has been the most popular style.  Principal corners allow the small bridge base to pivot within the diameter of the large base. Assuring maximum stability.
  • The Flat Base is the biggest trend today. In urban areas the trend today is to use flat bases.  The flat base is best known for it's use with portable pedestrian railing, this base has maximum stability and a lower profile than the bridge base.
  • The "U" Base is new and offers the advantage of a bridge base plus the advantage of rubber inserts. Something not possible with the traditional bridge base.
  • Wheel Bases are attached to the male end of the various frame. Uses are at areas where constant lifting and moving occurs, such as in parking lots.
  • Inserts are standard on all 1-Meter frames. They are used on the female end. They are applicable to other frame sizes as well as a corner leg when using the stable flat base.