For All Seasons: When to Buy Weather Resistant Queue Posts

Many outdoor sites and events – ranging from amusement parks to food courts – will establish their waiting line space by using portable posts (stanchions) connected by retractable belts.

Standard Retractable Belt Stanchions

But many retractable belt stanchion models are designed to primarily be used indoors.  These traditional line management stanchions will generally be fine for short-term outdoor use in good weather conditions, but they will begin to lose both their effectiveness and the attractiveness if used continually outdoors, or if used in inclement weather situations.

QueuePro 250 Black Post Stanchion


The QueuePro 250 is an example of a suitable indoor retractable belt barrier

In recent years, a number of weather-resistant stanchions have been introduced, and they have been utilized by outdoor sites which need a reliable line management set-up which is able to keep an aesthetic appearance, and is resistant to rusting or discoloration due to precipitation.

Outdoor Retractable Belt Stanchions

One option is the standard outdoor utility post, which is made of PVC and features a base which can be filled with liquid, sand or gravel.  This type of post, used by a number of amusement parks and outdoor concert facilities, is able to successfully withstand moderate rain and wind conditions.

WeatherMaster Xtra 3in Belt

The WeatherMaster is a suitable PVC outdoor utility stanchion

Weatherproof Marine Posts

For use in more extreme weather conditions, many sites have turned to new Marine Posts, which are made of stainless steel and painted with a durable powder-coat finish.  Originally designed for use on cruise ships – where posts are exposed to salt water, chlorine and other conditions – Marine Posts have proven to stay attractive in harsh environmental conditions.

Marine Application Post Weather Resistant Belt Stanchion


The Marine Application Utility Post is the most weather resistant stanchion on the market!

Outdoor parks, beach resorts, zoos, concession stands, and construction sites are among the many sites which have turned to all-weather stanchions to ensure that their outdoor queue lines will remain reliable and attractive, no matter what weather or environmental conditions are present.

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